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Meet your Instructors!

We have many talented people using the Peace Gallery as a space to teach! Learn a bit more about their story here.

Gentle Flow w/ PT balls

Thursday 6:00-7:30 PM


Modifications are offered to accommodate all level students. Pt balls help massage the facia tissues to facilitate deeper relaxation and release tension and stress from the body and mind. Deep intention based sequencing focusing on breath movement connection. 

To sign up for a class, please contact the instructor directly:

Shannon Dooling
Passionate about: Growing healthy food for people and the planet, building community, and teaching resilience.


Shannon is a certified 200-hour yoga teacher, Reiki Master, herbalist, aromatherapist, fermenting queen, homesteader, and plant whisperer. The past 13 years of her life have been devoted to expanding self-resiliency, exploring health and wellness, and deepening her connection with the earth and all its inhabitants. Proud mamma of a 51-acre oasis, Shannon is often found on her homestead playing in the garden or being a kitchen witch blending teas and fermenting things. Shannon inspires others to live their authentic truths.

Shannon's yoga journey started with a hot and sweaty Bikram class in 2010, inspiring her to dive deep into a personal yoga practice by attending as many classes and styles of yoga before attending her 200-hour Ashtanga teacher training at Living Yoga in Concord, NH in 2015. The beautiful dance of yoga enveloped every aspect of her life. Yoga was not just about asanas & getting fit. It became a way of life, a journey to the self. A spiritual practice nestled in healing deep-rooted trauma. Daily practices and self-study helped her find a sense of purpose & connection and refine what it means to be home. Throughout the years, Shannon’s personal experience with health and wellness has humbled her and given her time to reflect on self-care. For Shannon, self-care looks like fasting, new moon flushes, yoga practice, meditation, crafting,

Inner child work, playing in the garden & blending witchy brews. Tea time is a must!

Shannon loves creating a safe space for others to explore spiritual growth and open their hearts for emotional healing and mental clarity. Every day is different, every day the body is different, and every day the mind is different therefore Shannon's classes are gentle and accommodating to all levels. She weaves mindfulness and attention to breath throughout the class. Come as you are! Open your heart, ease into sensation, step into feeling, connect with yourself & awaken your wild heart.

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