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A Note From Bernie

PACT Act - Asbestos Exposure Benefits

The PACT Act was signed into law in August 2023 and expanded support for veterans exposed to hazardous substances and toxic materials, including asbestos, during their military service. While not exclusively focused on asbestos, the PACT Act expands assistance for veterans dealing with health challenges from various toxic exposures, including those who were exposed while tending to burn pits and other trash burnings. It also enhances eligibility for VA health care and facilitates access to disability compensation for veterans diagnosed with presumptive conditions linked to toxic exposures.

The PACT Act even allocates resources for ongoing research and education, with the goal of deepening understanding of conditions arising from toxic exposures, such as mesothelioma. Individual benefits vary based on circumstances like service history, medical diagnosis, and disability rating. Veterans concerned about asbestos exposure or related health issues are urged to contact the VA for personalized guidance on benefits and healthcare options.

The following are links to additional information:

Veterans asbestos exposure – information from the Veterans Administration regarding VA disability compensation resulting from contact with asbestos during military service.

Exposure to asbestos - How Veterans may have been exposed to asbestos. A Veterans Administration web page.

20 Ways Asbestos Was Used in the Military - Additional information on asbestos uses and possible exposure from the law office Bergman Oslund Udo Little, PLLC.

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