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ron Mello bio jpeg_edited_edited.jpg

I have been an artist and teacher most of my life. My focus at this time is full time studio ceramics. I work in functional stoneware and porcelain as well as decorative Raku and primitively fired work. Other creative work includes brush making, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and like my father, grandfather and brothers, I have worked and created with wood.


Raised in East Boston, Massachusetts, I am the proud product of a working class family. My grandfather and fathers were cabinet makers and carpenters; my brother Jim is a creative tool and die designer; younger brother Charles is a talented woodworker. I received my BFA at the Massachusetts College of Art in Art Education and Painting. My Masters degree as well as an advanced graduate study degree (MAT) are from Bridgewater State University (Fine Art, Ceramics). I have worked for over 40 years as an artist/teacher in many capacities. I became involved in ceramics at the Brockton MA Fuller Craft Museum. I have been working steadily in this medium since that time. Ceramics, especially Raku, is a combination of the skill the potter possesses and the random effects of the fire; it is the ultimate test of the clay and the artist.


The afrt I create with this ancient technique is sculptural and based on the vessel form. Painting and printmaking are still an involvement. Recent work includes handmade artist brushes and combinations of various media with clay and found objects. This mixing of media creates for me an original and personal aesthetic statement. The inspiration for my work in ceramics, graphics and painting comes from nature and natural elements. I find great enjoyment experimenting with Raku form and glaze effects.


I have had several one-man exhibits in Massachusetts galleries and have received many awards, including several first place awards. My artwork has been represented in national and international collections, and is currently being shown and sold in many galleries, shops and museums.

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