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Lindsay Cordero


Lindsay “Bones” Cordero was born in Virginia and, being a military brat, grew up in Saudi Arabia and several states. She graduated from the Unites States Air Force Academy and received her commission as an Air Force Officer. After working in the realm of national security for ten years, she decided to finally pursue her love of art and literature. While still serving, she is now also a professional artist and published author-illustrator. Lindsay says her mission is to bring joy, possibility and belonging to life through her art and writing.


Lindsay has three core focus areas within her creative practice, including children’s literacy, conservation, and mental health.


As an author-illustrator Lindsay says her mission is to support educators in the classroom and parents at home by writing and illustrating beautiful stories for children that bring their imaginations to life.


Mental health was the first focus area for Lindsay and came about as she was trying to manage the stressors related to the military experience. Painting works expressing how she felt was helpful. She returns to the same techniques whenever she needs to externalize what she’s feeling.


Conservation allows her to combine her love of art with her love of scuba diving. Lindsay as been a certified scuba diver since she was a pre-teen. Over the past three years she has been working to perfect her approach to the aquatic plenn air and has finally figured our her creative process underwater.

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