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About a Frog

It's been almost 10 years since I called 112 Main Street my "home away from home" and the more time I spend in here, the more it starts to feel familiar. Even if it's just remembering where the light switch is in the dark, or the sound of cars driving over wet pavement on a gray day like today. Nostalgia aside, there is someone that needs to be welcomed back officially...

Mr. Frog

Mr. Frog has been with our family for 30+ years and he has graced most places we've been. Despite my fondness for him, many of my memories are me holding my foot and wailing after yet another stubbed toe. I don't know how much emotion a wooden frog has but I still always thought he looked awfully pleased with himself...either way, I'm happy to have him back on his new perch (away from all of our toes!) observing our new endeavor.

I know a quick blog about a Frog isn't exactly the most vital information you'll read today but thank you for checking in!

Stay tuned for more developments here at the Peace Gallery.


Olivia DeLisle


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