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Winter Moon Yoga Series 


Let’s Harness the moon’s lunar energy this winter season!!  We will gather monthly from January thru March. Each class is 90 minutes crafted around the current moon phase.  Bring your yoga mat, blocks, a pillow, and a blanket!!  Beginners welcome 

At The Peace Gallery we have a few blankets, mats, and blocks but please bring anything you like to use for props from home.  This will create a deeper experience and allow you to settle into the poses with more comfort and ease. 



January 21st- 

New Moon Yin 

A time for setting intention, honoring our needs, and opening the heart to new beginnings. Using passive and relaxing poses held for an extended period, supported by props and the floor. Let us settle into the New Year and New Moon with ease. 


February 5th- 

Full Moon Flow 

A time to release what is no longer serving our intentions from last month’s New Moon. Gentle Vinyasa Flow to help with grounding as well as breathing work for the release of any tension and heaviness that is holding on. 


March 19th-

 Waning Moon Hatha 

A time to dive deep within honoring yourself and this time of the moon phase with rest. A Gentle Hatha flow allows you to surrender to the final stillness of winter and begin to enter Spring with tenderness & compassion. 


$20 per class (accepts cash or Venmo) 

10 spots per class! Pre-register is strongly encouraged, due to limited space 

Questions & Registration Contact: Jade Nelson 


Text: 503-548-7817 

Pre -Registration (encouraged, but not required) Link:

In 1998, she attended her first yoga class. She left feeling a deep connection to the earth, peace in her body, and quietness she had never experienced. Like many others, Jade struggled with anxiety, and worry, and yoga became a great tool for calming her mind. Showing up on the mat became her way home and way back into her body. The mat became a place to heal the heart, quiet the mind, and return to balance. Jade’s first instructor taught her that a mat is like a cocoon of protection. In time, Jade learned how to carry that protection off the mat and share it with others.

Jade walks an evolutionary path toward personal growth. This has led to living a life with more honesty and authenticity. Being a seeker of knowledge, Jade is always looking for ways to learn. In 2006 while living in mid-coast Maine and teaching fitness classes, she decided to attend massage school. After graduation, she began her career in bodywork and her education continued as she practiced her craft and honed her skills of observation and intuition. In 2013 her journey took her back to the classroom where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Community Health and again in 2020 where she became a certified yoga and meditation teacher.

After twenty-three years of personal yoga practice, sixteen years practicing massage, and four decades of life. Jade has a unique understanding that the human body is more complex than we realize. The emotional, physical, and spiritual impacts on the body can create ripples long after an experience passes.

Her passion is teaching yoga to those seeking a deeper understanding of what it means to love “the self”. While accepting that healing & growth is a continuum best accessed through our inner wisdom. Jade’s unique style is a blend of restorative yoga, gentle yoga, self-massage, breathwork, and meditation.


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Jade Nelson


Jade’s experience in wellness began long before she walked into her first yoga class. From an early age, she understood the importance of caring for herself. This set her on a path to building an insightful approach to health that has carried her through difficult times.

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