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Jeff Taylor

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My “Bio” started on September 21st , 1947, in an area of the US now referred to as the “rust belt”. At the time, it was the center of the “Industrial Revolution”. Zanesville, Ohio home of coal mining, steel production, and pottery forming. At the age of 10 and by this time a family of 8, six children and mom and dad we moved to a small village 16 miles away, New Concord a college town with feed mills forever. In the 8th grade I took a wood shop, Mr Mintier was the teacher he taught basic woodworking. I took shop all through school and as a senior in John Glenn High School I was an assistant to the instructor. Graduating in 1965 I decided to further my education at Ohio University, in Athens Ohio. My scholastic attempt was short lived.


At this time the war in Vietnam was heating up and still only 18 years old but fresh meat for the draft I decided to enlist in the US Coast Guard, as my father had done in WW2. My stint in the Coast Guard ended up being 22 years long. Staring with boot camp on Cape May 1966 and ending in Boothbay Harbor as Chief of the Station in 1988.


Working with wood has been a lifelong passion, I have been at it for over 50 years from tables to small boats and houses! I often say that the wood speaks to me the design is the result of the conversation between the wood and myself. I harvest the Cherry and Oak from my land in Bristol, Maine. I select and fell the tree, yard it out, cut ti on a band sawmill, stack it to dry. I do all the steel work and finish. So I see it from selected tree to finished product. Thanks for taking the time to view my work. Jeff Taylor.

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