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Dave Rife


Hi, my name is Dave, and I am currently based in Traverse City, Michigan. I served in the USAF from 1983-1991, and separated from service after Desert Storm. I turn wood and keep honeybees as non-traditional therapy for trauma I acquired during enlistment. Because these "non-traditional" have been so successful for me, I work with other veterans to find ways to incorporate both into their own lives and healing journeys. My turnings represent efforts to help bring awareness to art and agriculture as effective therapies for challenges that include PTSD, emotional trauma, and reintegration (often experienced by veterans returning to civilian life), and the plight and decline of pollinators due to mismanagement, pesticide use, pollution, habitat loss and GMO food sourcing. Being both a woodturner and keeper of bees allows me to focus on the 'now', to be fully present, and become an active participant in my own healing process. Both foster a centeredness that creates a healing and meditation space that is more effectively personal and powerful. My goals include sharing these gifts and supporting my fellow veterans in creating their own path to healing through art and agriculture. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you find beauty and joy in your day! ~dave

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