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Eastern Calligraphy and Free Flowing Brush Work Integrated with Qi-Gong
This workshop will be presented by Kichung Lizee who is a Korean born American artist and a Buddhist practitioner with unique blend of Eastern calligraphy and Western thematic materials. She has taught and exhibited internationally and also curated many exhibits bringing Eastern calligraphers and Western artists together to bridge the gap between different cultures for the universal creativity. She was a featured artist at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in Eugene, Oregon, Turchin Center for Visual Arts in Boone, NC and various other places. She received the special award in 2008 Seoul International Calligraphy Biennale.
Eastern calligraphy is a type of meditation and a discipline in centering process, starting from the correct posture alignment with spine, preparing calligraphic ink, holding the brush correctly as an extension of arm and executing the brush stroke in oneness. The participant will learn how to sensitize themselves to their internal energy through Qi-Gong and T’aichi’ exercises and to apply this awareness to free-flowing calligraphic art. This workshop offers unique opportunity for the participants to integrate mindfulness with creative expression.

Empty Hand, Empty Brush will run two days:
Saturday, February18th
Saturday, February 25th
10AM-3PM - Lunch provided!

One Day Workshop Schedule
Outline of Empty Hand and Empty Brush 
• Welcoming –brief explanation of empty hand and empty brush
• Talking stones opening—introducing selves, any backgrounds of eastern calligraphy, Qi-gong, T’aichi’ and reason taking this workshop
• 3 pebbles—to realize the energies we create and surrounded by 
• Qi-gong and T’aichi’ movements 
• Introduction to calligraphic materials and basic techniques, while participants grinding ink 
• Demonstration and practice of basic strokes and Eternity ideogram
• Correlation with movement and brush work 
• Back to brush work using examples 
• Lunch break 
• Movement 
• Explanation of my work, “making the line come alive” and
demonstration of bamboo and free flowing work with big brush
• Practice ideograms, big brush, bamboo…
• Sharing work, closing and clean up 

This program is 100% free of cost for veterans and active service members

Made possible by the support of Maine Humanities Council in partnership with The Peace Gallery.

Kichung Lizee
"After coming to this country from Korea in the mid 60's to study art, among the many forms of Western art that I was introduced to, Abstract Expressionism interested me most. Currently I am in the process of synthesizing Eastern and Western approaches to art. Specifically, I'm adopting the techniques and materials of Eastern calligraphy to Western thematic material, my primary goal being to close the gap between East and West and reach for universal creativity.

Eastern calligraphy I learned is a living and breathing spirit, rather than the dead and rigid tradition of thousands of years. It is uniquely a form that conveys the pulsation of life energy. Through it, one can experience all aspects of the living spectrum. Eastern calligraphic form reveals the kind of life the artist has led, as well as foreshadowing the person one will become. It is the art form that manifests the self as a way of life or philosophy of life. It is a powerful art form that operates through direct intuition."


Kichung Lizee is a Korean-born American artist and Buddhist
practitioner who uniquely blends Eastern calligraphy and Western
thematic materials. She has taught and exhibited internationally
and curated many exhibits bringing together Eastern calligraphers
and Western artists. She was honored with a special award in
2008 at the Seoul International Calligraphy Biennale, Korea, and
has been a featured artist at the Asian Art Museum, San
Francisco, CA, the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Eugene, OR,
and the Turchin Center for Visual Arts, Boone, NC. Recently
Kichung conducted Eastern calligraphic painting workshop at the
15 th International Sakyaditta Buddhist Women Conference in Hong
Kong. She has presented workshops and exhibited in NC, TN, GA,
FL, OH, CO, PA, MA, OR, WA, CA, Italy, Germany, Switzerland,
Hong Kong, Malesia, China, Japan and Korea. Recently, she
conducted the free flowing Eastern calligraphy workshop at the
Maine Maritime Museum in Bath. She has finally settled in Bath,
Maine with her husband, Michael Todd.

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